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RO3 Oasis Water undergoes a unique six (6) step filtration process, which removes all pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and other harmful organic chemicals, such as carcinogens from the water. The water then goes through an ultraviolet protection phase, which sterilises the water before it gets injected with Ozone – the end product being an oxygenated purified drinking water with proven health benefits.

We are a franchise business operation and currently have in excess of 180 outlets nationwide. With the need for reliable, clean, water source growing globally, RO3 Oasis has already extended its footprint into Namibia, Botswana and is looking to further grow the business network throughout Africa and in other international markets too.

With the impact of environmental factors such as Cholera, water sources are becoming more problematic over time; RO3 Oasis is ideally positioned to play a pivotal role in delivering a clean, high quality water solution for consumers.

“RO3 Oasis has a unique approach to the bottled water business. It provides high quality water at affordable prices while actively managing the downside of the industry – packaging and containers that become litter. It is this innovative approach that makes RO3 Oasis stand out in the bottled water industry”

Dr. Anthony Turton  (Author and Water Resources Management)

To find out more about RO3 Oasis Water, its franchise opportunities and products, logon to www.oasiswater.co.za or speak to your local RO3 Oasis business partner.