Crazy Daizy

Crazy Daizy
Food & Entertainment

Since 2008 Crazy Daizy has been filling the air with the smell of butter and sugar.

Artisanal sweets and savories, fresh from the oven feature in abundance on tables, counters, display cases and now also in an inspired sit down menu at the Crazy Daizy coffee shop in Platttekloof Village shopping Centre.

You can enjoy breakfast, toasted sandwiches, tramezzini, croissants and quiche – or choose muffins, scones, salads, a slice of cake and a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Portuguese and Greek delights are just some of the unique treats that the owners have introduced at this bakery where it is all about honest and quality bakes.

This is also how they carefully select baked goods and homemade treats from local artisans for the shop. Choose from a variety of cakes, sweet and savoury tarts, home made pies and birthday cakes on request.

They have introduced a friendly and lively gathering place attracting all sorts of hangers-on for their daily sweet fix.