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Oasis Water

RO3 Oasis Water undergoes a unique six (6) step filtration process, which removes all pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and other harmful organic chemicals, such as carcinogens from the water. The water then goes through an ultraviolet protection phase, which sterilises the water before it gets injected with Ozone – the end product being an oxygenated purified … Read more >

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Pick n Pay Pharmacy

PnP Pharmacy is committed to providing you, the customer, with the best possible healthcare. Visit your PnP Pharmacy for self medication, vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition supplements, medical services clinics and a dispensary. In other words, all you need to be healthy! PnP pharmacies process scripts for both acute and chronic medication. We are preferred … Read more >

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SkinPhD Hair and Beauty

We offer you a complete range of cosmeceutical skin care products that is clinically tested and endorsed by leading dermatologists. Why SkinPhD? SkinPhD is an advanced cosmeceutical skin and body range scientifically developed for all skin types, to nourish, balance and create a positive change in the functioning and appearance of the skin. At SkinPhD our … Read more >

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Kind2Hearing is a network of Audiology practices  with a passion for excellent end user experience and public awareness of hearing loss. We are passionate about helping people with hearing loss and hearing protection and specialise in the latest hearing technologies. Our audiology practices are nationwide.      

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NH Optometrist

Your eyes are your window to the world. Look after them. Welcome to nh optometrist. Anni Brown is the resident optometrist and owner of the practice. The philosophy at nh optometrist is ‘to enhance and improve eyesight by placing patient care at the heart of everything we do’. Benefits: The practice is contracted to most … Read more >

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Wellness Select

Wellness Warehouse has everything you need to live life well. Our natural, organic and specialised products are carefully chosen by a team of experts who make sure that we have the most comprehensive ranges of the best and latest in health and wellness. Because we take a 360-degree approach to health and wellbeing, you’ll find … Read more >

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